Regain Control Of Your Portfolio

As an ISO, you know the ins and outs of your portfolio. You know the details of the agreements made to your merchants on pricing, whether or not it will increase, when, and how often. You have the entrepreneurial freedom to make business decisions as you deem necessary. It’s important to grow your business through incoming leads such as ISV’s and referral partners. You are continuously seeking new solutions that benefit your business and will help streamline efficiency.

As technologies are developed, you want to be the ISO that can offer the latest to your existing and prospective clients. When you work with Aurora, an authorized full-service provider (FSP), you regain control of your portfolio.


  • Reduce limitations and receive access to multiple platforms
  • Agent drives pricing initiatives within his/her portfolio
  • The latest technology opportunities as solutions become available
  • Maintain entrepreneurial lifestyle and run your business your way
  • Create the partnerships and network you need to succeed with referral and ISV agreements that stay between you and the partner


If you’re in the payments industry and you’re a payment professional, it can be to your advantage to understand the benefits of working with an FSP. Full-service providers are able to remove the middle-man and offer optimal service and support.

FSP’s can define and set parameters that work best for their partners and merchants. An FSP has the ability to simplify processes or standardize forms to create a better experience. For example, requiring the completion of one agreement/contract to reduce the time away from conducting business. Some FSP’s offer in-house underwriting and risk management which can expedite approvals and provide additional protection to you. There are FSP’s with layers of technical support with service level agreements to give you peace of mind in the event problems arise. In general, FSP’s have more leniency to offer and extend this flexibility to their clients if they so choose. So, why care?

Working with a partner and full-service provider with your growth in mind is the ultimate goal.

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