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The Benefits of Using ACH Payments

You have likely heard the term ACH payments and may have even used it to make a quick payment to someone. If you’ve ever given your bank routing and account information over the phone for payment directly from your bank account, you have used ACH. Imagine the convenience for your customers when they can provide you with their routing information for recurring payments or even a quick purchase. 

Paper Checks 

Are you still writing paper checks? ACH allows you to eliminate the costs associated with paper checks. There are plenty of costs that may not seem like much when you sit down to write a check. These costs include the cost of buying checks from your bank or supplier, the cost of the envelope to mail the check, the cost of the ink to print the check, the cost of postage and of course the cost of your time. In a report titled, The Philadelphia Fed Study, it was revealed that since 2009, paper checks have been dropping by 1.2 billion checks written annually. If the reduction of paper checks continues at this rate, the projected date at which paper checks will no longer be used would be some time in 2026, a mere three years away. 


ACH provides efficiency and reduces paper waste. By shifting your business’s invoicing system to a paperless one, you can optimize your invoicing processes while saving time and money. Your invoices can be delivered to your customers through email or text while offering a convenient payment link that allows for immediate – same day payments. This improves cash flow dramatically. 

The Check is in the Mail 

When attempting to collect outstanding debts, collectors often hear the phrase, “The check is in the mail” and most of the time people are likely being truthful or at least have good intentions. However, the recent delays experienced by the U.S. Postal Service can cause significant delays and certainly invites an opportunity to extend the payment time by claiming the check has likely been lost in the mail. 

Reduce Transaction Delays 

ACH payments have become increasingly popular in business transactions because this electronic payment system enables businesses to send and receive funds securely and efficiently through the ACH network. It also offers a wide array of benefits that make it an advantageous choice for businesses of all sizes. Electronic payments are faster, more efficient, and ensure that there is no hold up in between when you logged a check transaction in your books and when the money actually leaves your bank account. Transactions of today are done in near real-time. 

The Benefits 

One of the primary benefits of using ACH payments in your business is cost savings. Traditional electronic transfers such as wire transfers often come with high transaction fees, processing charges, and hidden costs. ACH payments offer significantly lower costs per transaction as well as enhanced efficiency and convenience. Manual check writing can be time-consuming and prone to human error. ACH payments enable businesses to schedule their own recurring payments and collect recurring customer payments using set payment dates in advance. Reduce the risk of lost or stolen checks, and the associated hassles of reissuing payments. ACH saves time and money. 

The Bottom Line 

While it’s uncertain if paper checks will in fact become extinct, what we do know is that there has been a dramatic shift in payment processing. Innovations such as electronic banking, person-to-person transfers, and pre-paid debit and credit cards have drastically reduced the use of paper checks. Your Merchant Services Provider can help you implement ACH payments in your business. 

Who is Aurora? 

Aurora Payments is a network of professionals providing Merchants with reliable payment solutions for any industry and any environment. We help businesses increase efficiency and growth. Our proprietary technology provides One Ecosystem - One Contract - One Partner - One Aurora. As a Full-Service Provider (FSP), we have all the products, services, solutions, and support Merchants need - all-in-one place. We’re an organization driven by a passion for helping our Merchants succeed. Interested in learning how you can eliminate credit card processing fees? Send us an email at or call us at 833-287-6722. You’ll be saving money in no time!