Marketing Your Business Gift Card Donations

Most businesses are hit up regularly by well-meaning nonprofits day asking you to support their cause through a donation of cash, goods, or services.

Maybe you care about the cause, or maybe you don’t. You may have purchased cookies at a bake sale and didn’t care what the cause was. The sign proclaiming, “Homemade Baked Treats” and a passion to help children may have been all you needed to part with your cash.

As much as you might have been thrilled to help their cause, you probably wouldn’t entertain the thought of donating a gift card or raffle prize from your business to a bake sale because, let’s face it, the bake sale audience is limited and likely never going to be your client.

However, if a nonprofit group holding a fundraiser for a cancer related cause asks you to donate a $250 gift card, you might want to place some serious consideration into donating a gift card. Chances are, you likely know someone currently battling cancer. You may have even lost someone to cancer.

It is a cause that is near and dear to almost everyone. This means the audience is far, wide, and vast. It’s a great cause to donate to. Chances are it is tax-deductible and the exposure of your name at such an event has a positive and caring impact on those exposed to your name through the donation. This is the type of community exposure that builds name recognition for your business.

Don’t expect that your phone will ring off the hook the day after the event. It probably won’t. However, when someone does an internet search for a company that offers the products or services your business does and they see your company name, they will feel connected to your business like they know you. They don’t know your business. They know OF your business. That is positive credibility and highly increases the likelihood of them calling your company first to do business.

Side note: Don’t expect the person that won your donation to call and redeem it either. In many cases they were there to support the cause and statistics indicate that less than 39% of all donated gift cards are ever redeemed. Aurora Payments can provide Gift Cards for your business that includes your logo and can be reloaded with funds over and over. The balance is trackable online by the cardholder. People carrying these gift cards with your branding are exposed to your logo over and over and constantly keep your business name at the top of their mind.