Aurora Releases Proprietary Software, Rise Free

Tempe, AZ, May 12, 2020 – Aurora, a leading full-service provider (FSP) in the fintech industry, has announced the release of new software for the payments industry. The software, Rise Free includes automated technology for merchants to offset credit card processing costs. The release of the software comes at a time when Aurora remains focused on strategic plans to continue advancements in technology for the payments industry.

Rise Free, a primary initiative for Aurora in late 2019, was due to mounting interest for a solution to assist merchants with reducing credit card processing fees. “In today’s business climate, we want to support our clients and realized with our extensive industry knowledge, and brilliant IT team we have the potential to build software that would profoundly impact SMBs,” stated, Derek Maxwell, VP of Technology at Aurora. “At Aurora, it’s extremely important to us to be able to offer solutions, whether it’s hardware, software, or support that will help our clients to save money and add to their bottom line.”

Advanced Mobile Payment Inc. (AMP), a global provider of POS products and solutions, collaborated closely with Aurora to deliver the state-of-the-art EMV Smart devices Rise Free requires to be the best solution on the market. “The team at AMP understands the importance of Aurora’s Rise Free program especially in the times we now find ourselves in,” explained Robert Downton, AMP’s VP of Sales for North America. “We are proud to partner with Aurora to provide the equipment to support Rise Free, as it solves challenges for our customers and helps business owners reduce expenses to rebound from the aftermath of COVID-19.”

Rise Free offers merchants the most advanced automated technology to alleviate the burden of costs associated with accepting credit cards. Aurora’s Rise Free includes everything a merchant will need to properly start using this program at their location(s). Complete with the certified hardware, software, training, required store signage, and technical support for easy setup and success. “We are delighted to announce the release of the Rise Free product to augment merchant expenses,” said Brian Goudie, Aurora CEO, “While we didn’t have the profound damage Coronavirus has inflicted on SMB’s in mind when we originally began the software development project, I believe now more than ever consumers are looking for unique ways to assist SMB’s in repairing their businesses and Rise Free is a way they can do so.”

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About Aurora

Aurora Payments is a leading payment services and solutions organization headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, with 26,000 merchants and $10 billion in annual processing. As a financial service provider (FSP), Aurora has multiple bank sponsorships and lenders Prudential Capital and Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending Group, L.P. who has been a lender since 2015. Aurora offers a variety of best-in-class technology platforms and payment solutions supported by on-site underwriting and technical support experts that make up an all-in-one ecosystem to meet the needs for all payment mode acceptance, thriving revenue streams, and capital opportunities. One ecosystem. One agreement. One partner. One Aurora.  

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