5 Reasons Why Text Messaging Is Important For Customer Interactions

As consumers have become attached to their cell phones as a means of managing their lives, it makes sense that cell phones provide many opportunities to interact with your customers at critical touchpoints.  

From connecting with customers to getting paid for a purchase, text messaging is becoming the go-to method for efficient commerce. From ordering and paying Starbucks to being updated about a prescription refill, text messaging provides opportunities to quickly connect, convert, and create a deeper relationship with your customers. Here are 5 reasons why we think merchants should consider adding text messaging to their fulfillment process

1. Customers Prefer Text Messages Over Email

While most companies have continued to use traditional methods of email, phone calls, and in-person visits, today’s modern customer needs and wants more. 90% prefer to interact by text message. Unlike emails, the open rate for text messages is reported to be 98% while email still languishes at a measly 20%. 

2. Text Messages Are More Personalized

Retail shoppers are using their phones to shop. Nearly 80% of cell phone owners have used their phones to search for products. Texting is convenient, responsive, and what your customers want and expect in their shopping journey. Less than 1/3 of homeowners will pick up the phone if you call them. Switch to texting and you’re bound to connect with more of them. 

3. Makes Online Purchases More Convenient

97% of consumers have backed out of an online purchase because the payment process was too hard to understand or inconvenient.  If your payment process is hard to understand or doesn’t meet new expectations, like contactless payments, you’re creating friction in the buying process and losing sales. By adding the convenience of text messaging to the purchase and fulfillment stage, you will streamline communications, increase your chances of closing the deal and develop more loyal customers. 

4. Customers Respond To Communications Faster By Text

While texting offers a great way to connect, convert, and collect payments from prospects and customers, it offers an even better way to deliver a convenient customer experience in the fulfillment stage of the buying journey. 98% of all text messages sent are opened by the receiver. 50% of consumers in the US who receive a branded text message will go on to make a direct purchase from that brand. 

5. Stay Ahead Of The Curve And Keep Up With Customer Expectations.

Consumers are loud and clear today—texting makes buying products or services from a business more convenient.  Nearly 1/3 prefer a mobile payment option, yet only 26% of businesses are using text messages to collect payments today. Meet your customers where they want to connect with you – by text message. 

By adding the convenience of text messaging to the purchase and fulfillment stage, you will streamline communication, increase your chances of closing the deal, and seamlessly transition to the fulfillment of your product or service.  

Text messaging can also be used to earn repeat business with personalized promotions that promote return visits. Send automated text messages reminding your customers that it’s time for a haircut, a nail fill or oil change. Text messaging humanizes the offer and connects you directly to your customer on their phone. The best part is, you can create on the spot selling by adding a payment link in the text or a follow-up text. That’s a win for merchants and a win for the customer.