5 Benefits Of Listening To Feedback

Business feedback comes in many different forms, including online reviews, customer surveys, employee opinions, suggestion boxes and even asking suppliers for feedback. Think of feedback as a report card for your business and use that data to focus on areas of your business that need improvement. Feedback helps businesses stay on track with growth goals, customer service delivery and the long-range future of your business.  

Avoid Mistakes 

By creating flows of communications and methods of receiving feedback, you will save time correcting work by reducing errors caused by miscommunication. 

Improved Relationships 

Feedback promotes open communication, trust, and honesty. Everyone likes to be heard and validated. Even though feedback often involves criticism, create communications channels that make people comfortable sharing their experience and opinions. Accept the feedback without trying to defend yourself or your company to ensure additional feedback will be shared in the future and people feel that you take them seriously and are willing to look at their feedback. 

Constructive Criticism  

While any criticism can be difficult to accept, we know that no one is perfect, and we may not even realize the impact something is having on someone until it is voiced. Use a friendly voice when discussing criticism and maintain an attitude that you might not see things in the same eyes of a customer or an employee. Consider the criticism as advice and make the person sharing feedback feel like you believe them and want to address their concerns in the best way possible. Doing this will create an open door for providing additional feedback.  

Promoting Growth 

Absorbing feedback means listening with interest, taking the time to analyze the feedback, and determining possible solutions to perform better or correct situations. Implementing improvement based on criticism shows your employees and customers that by working together, everyone can become an inclusive part of positive changes. Feedback brings people together and creates a healthy work environment with team spirit. 

Open Mind 

While you might be the boss, a willingness to invite feedback and hear criticism just might result in some of the best ideas to come from those who do the job every day. You just might find a solution to a problem or even learn about a problem you didn’t even know existed. 


There are many benefits of gaining feedback. By acting on feedback, you can increase business growth, save money, land more sales, reduce employee turnover and improve relationships with customers. Once you invite feedback and show you are serious about gathering it and acting upon it, you will notice more involvement and loyalty from customers and employees. 

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