How You Save Using Zero Cost Processing

Easily reduce or even eliminate the cost of accepting credit cards with ARISE Zero-Cost Processing

What is Zero Cost Processing?

Our ARISE Zero-Cost Processing feature allows you to choose a pricing model that offers choices that work best for your business and your customers. We offer the flexibility of choosing from three different Zero-Cost Processing models.

What Should I Select?

Whatever Option you choose, you save on credit card processing

Dual Pricing

Dual pricing displays a lower cash price on the ARISE Terminal. The item item when paid by cash.

Cash Discounting

Cash discounting and dual pricing are the same thing – phrased differently. These terms are interchangeble.


Surcharging means adding an additional fee when customers pay by credit card.

Dual Pricing Permissible by Law

Dual Pricing is legally permissible nationwide. Surcharging is prohibited in some states and subject to specific regulations in others. Maximum surcharge rates are governed. Credit card brands also have rules about surcharging.

Want Even More Ways to Save?

Lower your interchange rates when you accept Level 2 / Level

It's time to get excited about payments.