One Device, Any Electronic Payment

Packs a big punch in a small device

Wherever you are, accept

Introducing the ARISE Smart Terminal

In a world driven by speed and convenience, our ARISE Payment Terminal packs a big punch into a small device. It comes optimized for payments and ready to accept magnetic strip cards, chip cards, NFC and even QR codes from payment apps! One device – any electronic payment, including Level II and III processing, allowing for lower processing costs.

A Lightweight, Sleek Body
Born for Business

Merchants and consumers will appreciate the 5.5” HD display with a crisp 1440×720 resolution. The ARISE Payment Terminal has front and rear cameras, a 2D Barcode Scanner. A removable battery makes sure your payment terminal can go through multiple shifts in a day.

Fast & Easy Setup

Our cloud-based system can be configured in less than 60 seconds. The ARISE Smart Payment Terminal is a modern payment terminal for the fast world we live in. As a cloud-based system, you always have access to ARISE for processing. Our high-speed wifi terminals ensure fast transactions with a long-life battery.

Safe, Secure, Supported

The ARISE Terminal is feature packed with Advanced Support Tools, including advanced error logging and full remote management capabilities. If there is ever a problem, we can connect to your device remotely and fully troubleshoot the problem and quickly restore your ability to process transactions.

ARISE MTDM is a powerful solution for managing mobile devices in your organization. With its comprehensive device management, robust security features, and streamlined app management, ARISE MTDM keeps your devices secure and efficient.  

Time to See the Difference

ARISE Smart TerminalStandard Credit Card Terminal
Magnetic Strip Swipe
Tap & Pay
Chip & Pin
QR Code Payments
Built-in POS
Built-in Receipt Printer
Front and Rear Cameras
Built-in Barcode Scanner
Mobile & Portable

Where secure transactions meet innovation

Get access to all our payment solutions and tools that your business may need. 

Virtual Terminal

Securely take online payments as long as you have an internet connection. Payment processing where you are.

Customer Vault

Manage your business-critical customer data allowing for easier payment collection and customer experience.

API Integration

Modern API to connect to your systems for a custom payments experience. Fully documented, built for developers.

Reporting & Analytics

Realtime summary and granular insights to your transactions, batches, & more. Gain a clear understanding of your business.

Multiple Payment Methods

Increase your options by accepting multiple payment methods. ACH, Card Present, Card Not Present, Invoices, QR code and more.


How much is the Payment Terminal?

To receive the pricing for the terminal, please contact sales.

The ARISE Smart Payment Terminal supports credit and debit card via tap, chip, PIN, and magnetic strip swipe. It accepts major card brands including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express; this also includes the use of mobile wallets Google Pay and Apple Pay.

It's time to get excited about payments.