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Rise Free

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In today’s world, removing complexities and using technology to streamline efficiency and increase customer satisfaction, sets you apart from your competition.

As a leader in card payment acceptance, Aurora realizes that businesses like yours would benefit from an advanced technology solution that eliminates credit card processing fees and adds to your bottom line.

We are here to support you with a revolutionary secure and compliant payment software to help you break free from credit card processing fees.

Introducing, Rise Free, a proprietary payment software designed and developed by Aurora.

Rise free offers the most advanced automated technology to allow merchants to continue to accept credit card payments while alleviating the burden of processing costs.

Rise free is a turnkey solution and includes everything you will need to get started in one convenient package: State-of-the-art, program-certified equipment, software, required signage, training, and technical support.

Ask us how your business can continue accepting card payments while eliminating processing fees today!

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