Evan's business eliminates card processing fees

Rise Free

Rise Free, a proprietary payment software designed and developed by Aurora. Our cash discount program allows your business to grow by eliminating credit card processing fees. Add to your bottom line today and start your risk-free, 90-day trial. Receive unlimited card processing for just $69/mo.

Rise free offers the most advanced automated technology to allow merchants to continue to accept credit card payments while alleviating the burden of processing costs.

Watch and Learn more about Evan & how he has grown his business in the animated video. Ask us how your business can continue accepting card payments while eliminating processing fees today!

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Video transcript

Are you frustrated with expensive credit card processing fees?

This is Evan,

Successful business owner

Evan’s store accepts credit card payments

Fees from processing cards continue to increase as Evan’s business grows.

Every card payment Evan accepts, causes him to incur multiple fees from the card providers and banks.

As card holders continue to receive incentives to use credit cards, Evan receives fewer cash sales.

Evan’s business expenses rise, which causes profits to decrease.

Then Evan discovered a better way

A new solution.

Advanced technology software

Automatically adds a pre-determined service charge to every transaction

A cash sale removes the service charge

Evan eliminates all processing fees with Rise Free

Profits Soar!

…A month goes by

Evan’s statement arrives

Simple & Easy to read

Rise Free – never pay more than $69/month in card processing fees

Conveniently packaged with certified hardware, software, required store signage, training, and technical support

Rise Free  – Eliminate processing fees, grow your business, and receive an easy to read monthly statement

Start your risk-free 90-day trial at no obligation.

Sign up today!



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