Full-service provider boosts capital of minority-owned business to support the growth and development of payment software solutions for the health & beauty industry.

“I knew I had a unique opportunity to develop technology to change the way salons do business. It was an easy choice turning to a trusted partner, Aurora, for the investment and support to build a better payments software for salon owners and businesses.” – Dat Nguyen, CEO & Founder of Harmony Pay

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Aurora payments is a company that is here to serve small medium-sized businesses with payment solutions, software solutions. Our aim is to be best-in-class for vertical markets bringing to market to them a solution that actually will help them run their business and do more than just payments. Dat and Harmony bring a very unique solution to specifically salon owners, in this case, Aurora really likes the idea of having specialized software in vertical markets.

I’ve been in the salon business since 1999. In 2004, I see a big trend I think that’s the way the future gonna be and I always wanted to get into the payments industry after that. There’s nothing available in the market for the salon owner. Pretty much a standalone terminal.

Here’s a guy who used to run a salon, who saw a need in the salon industry to create a software that spoke to in this case nail salons, hair salons. It’s not good enough to just do payments anymore. We find an evolution in payments where it used to be credit card terminals that did payments, and now the expectation of those merchants who run those businesses is that you’re going to bring to them you know whether it’s inventory or scheduling or marketing and a guy like Dat is very attractive to us because he’s solving that riddle through one piece of software.

In 2017, I do a lot of research and I found Aurora. Brian, the CEO of the company, I contact him and he and his wife actually fly out to Tampa and meet us and we can really trust Aurora to help us moving forward.

What we run into a lot with software companies is they’re phenomenal technologists. They create great point-of-sale systems or vertical software, gateways, etc. The challenge we generally see is they don’t have great distribution in many cases. We have distribution we did not have a vertical salon software product. For us you know meeting an entrepreneur like Dat, created an opportunity. We wanted to put those two together.

Partnering with Aurora is not like a typical partner with payment ISO. When I came up with the idea of the salon software POS system, they invested in us and helped us fulfill our dream and vision. As we continue to partner with Aurora, when we go to the salon we don’t have to introduce ourselves. They would know us like they know Google or Microsoft.

Aurora is your all-in-one payments partner. As a financial service provider (FSP), your opportunities for growth are limitless. Whether you are seeking growth capital for business expansion, a simplified payment processor, or distinguished technical support, Aurora helps you to realize your goals and achieve success. The one partner with the best programs, services, and solutions. We partner with you to grow YOUR business.  #OneAurora

About Aurora

Aurora Payments is a leading payment services and solutions organization headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, with 26,000 merchants and $10 billion in annual processing. As a financial service provider (FSP), Aurora has multiple bank sponsorships and lenders Prudential Capital and Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending Group, L.P. who has been a lender since 2015. Aurora offers a variety of best-in-class technology platforms and payment solutions supported by on-site underwriting and technical support experts that make up an all-in-one ecosystem to meet the needs for all payment mode acceptance, thriving revenue streams, and capital opportunities. One ecosystem. One agreement. One partner. One Aurora. For more information please visit https://www.risewithaurora.com.

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