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Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees!

Rise Free, A proprietary cash discount software platform from Aurora.

The Aurora cash discount program, Rise Free allows you to break free from credit card processing fees. Rise Free will help to offset credit card processing fees while your customers receive a discount for paying in cash. At the end of each month, you’ll receive one statement that is consolidated and easy to read. Grow your business and add to your bottom line today!

Benefits of Rise Free

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How can Rise Free help improve your bottom line?

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Our program is conveniently packaged.

You’re seeking to grow the profitability of your business. The Aurora discount program was built with your success in mind. We have put together a complete package that includes everything you’ll need to take full advantage of a compliant discount program.

Every merchant will be provided program certified equipment, compliance sign for display in their physical location, and program support from the Aurora technical team. Additionally, a getting started guide, FAQ’s, and resources for the discount program will be available online.

Cash Discount

Features of Rise Free

  • Automatically adjusts transaction amounts based on selection of a cash payment.

  • Real-time pricing with discount printed on receipt.

  • Simple behind the scenes deposit of funds based on cash payments received.

  • Technology powered by Aurora utilizes a trusted and secure platform.

  • Maintenance and system updates are seamless and is included with the application.

The technology and capabilities of our exclusive discount platform.

Aurora’s cash discount platform, Rise Free will automatically determine the customer service fee or discount amount depending on the payment type. The service fees are collected by the credit card processor who then pays off the credit card charges on your behalf, essentially removing the need for any back-end accounting or complex statements. You will credit card processing fees dramatically reduced with only a small technology fee to pay at the end of the month.

Consumer Concerns

In the case of the consumer, the option to receive a cash discount at the point of purchase is not going to negatively affect the buyer’s behavior. If anything, it offers the consumer more decision-making power. There is one caveat regarding transparency with the disclosure of the use of cash discounts. As a consumer, understanding in advance that these options exist will lead to a better experience, so keep in mind that properly posting messaging will reduce the chance for confusion or miscommunication.

Rise Free

Grow your business and add to your bottom line with Rise Free today!

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