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Tis The Season – For Chargebacks

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. That means the credit card fraudsters are out in force as well. The fraudsters are doing their holiday shopping just like you. The only difference is, they have no intention of paying for their gifts. Because they don’t plan to pay for their purchases, they are buying high-end, top-of-the-line expensive goods. They’ll look like a hero for Christmas while leaving you feeling like a zero.

3 Common Chargeback Reasons

We have recently noticed an uptick in chargebacks initiated against our merchants. We understand how disheartening this is. Perhaps you have already delivered service or delivered an expensive product such as a piece of jewelry to a thief. We call fraudsters thieves because that’s what they are. They intentionally rob merchants of goods and services with intention and deceit.

4 Ways Recurring Payments Reduce Delinquent Accounts

Many businesses have a need to collect payments from their customers on a regular basis. Merchants that can benefit from automating their payment collections include subscription-based services like magazines, food box services like Butcher Box, cell phone service providers and membership-based businesses. There are literally thousands of other types of merchants who can save time and money while offering their customers the convenience of setting up automated payments.

Marketing Your Business Gift Card Donations

When someone does an internet search for a company that offers the products or services your business does and they see your company name, they will feel connected to your business like they know you. They don’t know your business. They know OF your business. That is positive credibility and highly increases the likelihood of them calling your company first to do business.