The Flavor Of Your Business

Have you ever noticed that not all tacos are created equal? Taco Bell is perhaps one of the most widely known taco sellers in the United States. You can find a Taco Bell in almost every city. They are cheap. They are convenient. They have a drive-thru. They make buying a taco super convenient. That’s probably where the buck stops. No one probably ever phoned their mother or best friend to describe how glorious a taco was that came from Taco Bell.

Have you ever had a street taco or a taco that came from a food truck parked on a corner and thought to yourself, “This is the best taco I’ve ever had in my entire life?” How can that be? Taco Bell is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars advertising to get you to come and buy a taco and here is a little independent guy selling out of a truck or a simple cart and he’s doing it better. He probably doesn’t even have a marketing budget and likely has no interest in what his Yelp ratings are.

Instead, he is focused on one thing and one thing only. The quality of his food. Chances are, he is buying his meat from a butcher on a daily basis. He is picking up fresh onions and cilantro every day that has recently been picked from the farm. He is hand preparing everything with the freshest ingredients. Odds are high that he is making his own tortillas each morning. You can taste the difference. The beans and rice are made fresh daily and they are not coming out of a can or a plastic bag. This is a tender love and care operation – not a mass food line assembly.

What flavor is your business serving up? You fight the same battle as Taco Bell. There is someone else down the street selling the same product you are, delivering the same service you are and doing it the same way that you do. What makes sets your business apart? What makes your taco a better taco than the guy down the street?

Whether you’re in the business of chartering party buses, selling wedding rings or renting uniforms to people, your flavor has to be better than the guy down the street. You have to keep your ingredients fresh. You have to concentrate and focus on what you can do to be better than anyone else doing the same thing you are doing. It doesn’t take a Taco Bell marketing budget to achieve local success. It takes intent focus and commitment to deliver the best flavor experience for your customer. You might stop at a Taco Bell because it is convenient, but when you want the best taco in town, you will scour your city looking for that one single food truck that delivers that perfect taco. Do you really care how much it costs? Probably not! It’s all about the flavor of your business.