Low-Cost Ways To Boost Website Leads And Sales

As we launch into a new year, our economy is still reeling from the inflation crisis of 2022. As more businesses take to the internet to sell products and services, the competition and need to stay relevant in the sea of commerce means stepping up your marketing game for your website. Just as you create marketing campaigns for products you sell, remember to market your website to drive traffic to it. You can improve your website results without any significant expense. We also have a few tips for lead generation that will help you convert more shoppers into customers.

Your Hosting Plan

The responsiveness of your website is important. Slow, unstable sites with payment pages that don’t look secure will send customers running away. All hosting sites and plans are not equal. Consider upgrading your hosting plan to rank higher on Google. Premium hosting sites aren’t much more than basic plans.

Contact Info

The most important piece of advice we can offer – and this is FREE – is to make sure your Contact Us information is prominent on your website and includes physical address, email address, important telephone numbers and key personnel to speak with. If a customer can’t talk to someone about a specific concern, they will find a merchant they can speak with.

Provide Confidence

Your website should exude a professional look to instill confidence with shoppers. Add your Better Business Bureau rating to your page if you have one. Offer a 60-day money-back guarantee or similar offer that indicates you stand behind your product and service. If you are a member of your local Chamber of Commerce or other professional organizations, proudly display your membership on your page. If you are accredited by an organization, be sure to share that as well.

Customer Reviews

Add a Customer Reviews section to your homepage filled with customer reviews. Allow customers to write reviews directly from your site. It is estimated that 90% of all first-time website visitors will read online reviews IF you have them on your page. This is particularly true if they have never heard of your company before and were driven to your site by a Google search. Getting a couple dozen satisfied customers to write some great reviews about your business can make a huge impact on your bottom line without costing you a dime.

Business Profiles

One of the greatest opportunities offered to businesses comes directly from Google, and it’s free! That’s your Business Profile listing on Google. Getting on the internet map is the first key to people finding your business. A Business Profile with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram is crucial to being found online and is a prerequisite to generating leads and sales from a website.

Your Email List

If you don’t regularly ask your customers for their email addresses, you are missing out on sales that are already on your doorstep. Use creative promotions on your website such as, “Sign up for our monthly special” and collect a prospect’s email address. Once added to your master list of email addresses, you have an instant way to get in touch with customers and even target ads to them with products you know they like. You can send birthday, anniversary and special occasion wishes along with a special offer. Work on growing your list and send emails regularly to maintain top-of-mind awareness.

More Tips

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