How To: Set Goals For Your Website

When you decided to launch a website for your company, what was your goal? Was the goal to sell products, obtain leads or provide information? Most people don’t have a definitive answer. We all know that today’s customer is internet savvy and loves to browse online. Your first website goal is to drive traffic to your site. Without visitors, it’s pointless to have a website. Follow our tips to plan and prioritize your website goals. 

 Plan It 

Before you design or revamp your website, establish a clear goal on what you hope to achieve with your website. Do you want to feature a product of the week that boosts online sales? Do you want to educate your customers on an aspect of your business? As an example, limo companies might consider posting tips for renting a limo for prom night while a jeweler might want to focus on selling a special product that is perfect for anniversaries. There might be more than one goal. Consider asking your customers, employees, and suppliers what they would expect to see on your website. Collaborative efforts always produce better results than a single vision. 

Track Success 

Once your new website is launched, it’s time to track the success of your goals. If your goal includes obtaining new leads, consider tracking how many you receive each week and track that further to see how many leads convert to sales. You can and should track the number of sales received each week. This should include the transaction count and dollar volume. Track success by monitoring weekly sales and viewing it as a percentage of your overall income. If 30% of your sales are coming from your website, you might create a new goal of having 50% of your business originate from your website. 

Campaign Success 

Think of the content on your website like a social media post. Some social media posts get a lot of likes and shares while some get none. If you feature a product for 30 days, and no one buys it, you know that’s not a successful campaign. However, if you feature another product and it has positive sales results, you know you found a winner for repeating later in the year. If a particular campaign increases inquiries or leads, you know with some additional tweaks you can increase the success. Monitoring your metrics is the key to planning future website campaigns. 

Schedule It 

Websites must be constantly refreshed to make visitors return. If they see the exact same thing every time they visit, they won’t be back. This means you need to make a schedule for how often your website site will be refreshed and what will be refreshed. Decide how long a campaign should last and calendar the end of the campaign so you don’t forget. Remember to also calendar the planning of your next campaign so you are ready to update when the day comes. You may want to delegate different website pages to different employees who manage different areas of your business. If you have a sporting goods store, you might want to have a page for baseball equipment and another for billiards. These pages can be managed by your experts. Just remember that your pages must all have the same feel and that is best accomplished through templates. 

 Using Web Analytics 

It’s hard to make course corrections without looking back at past success or failures. Track your website success using a web analytics program to monitor the success of your website. An analytics program can help monitor website traffic, visitor behavior and search engine positioning and provide you with a lot of data that will help you with future planning and goal setting. 

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