Daily Business Practices To Add Value To Your Business

Included in the article are quick recommendations for daily business practices that are easy to do and will help to keep costs down.

1. Batch Out Everyday

Due to the interchange variations, you can be paying more if you are not batching out everyday. Daily batch settlement helps reduce higher transaction fees and charge disputes from cardholders. 

2. Fraud Detection

eCommerce or in-store locations accepting card payments should remain PCI compliant and have fraud detection tools in place. Training your employees to help prevent and detect fraudulent activity is recommended.

3. Address Verification/Location Checks & Balances

Screening shipping and billing addresses for mismatched information can help shine some light on fraud. There will be legitimate transactions, however, a large percentage of fraud can be avoided.

4. Upkeep To Customer Database

Keeping clean records of information will allow you to investigate disputes and billing complaints with ease.