Credit Card Payments In Schools

The Days Of Sending Your Child To School With Lunch Money Have Long Disappeared For Most Parents. In Today’s Modern World Of Plastic, Lunch Payments Have Been Merged With School ID Barcodes And Online Payment Systems. Buying Lunch From The Cafeteria Isn’t The Only Place On Campus That Accepts Credit Card Payments.

As life begins to return to normal, the digitization of the payments in the school system has increased as a result of the pandemic, and it is here to stay forever. The demand for payment options to schools includes the finance department that collects tuition, student stores, yearbook sales, campus activities and more. School leaders are searching, now more than ever to find safe and secure ways for parents to pay for school expenses. Kids are now being issued “starter credit cards” from companies like Greenlight Debit card to learn how to use plastic payments responsibly. We’ll save that for another blog. These credit cards can be used in campus vending machines, to attend a high school football game and purchase items from the concession stand. Schools and credit cards go hand-in-hand.

Eliminate the Shuttle

While paper checks have been used to pay for tuition, fees, and extracurricular costs, they are not as safe as digital payments. With online payment platforms, parents can view their bills and deposit funds directly into their student’s account through secure payments providers such as Aurora Payments. There is no need for children to shuttle cash and checks to hand deliver to their teacher.

Payments in Education

Whether you need to pay for extracurricular activities or field trips, a credit card processor can help public and private schools setup payment portals that enable parents to use their phones, tablets and computers to view and pay student bills. Schools love this because parents and staff no longer have the responsibility of accepting and accounting for payments from students.

Pandemic Payments

During the pandemic, many school campuses were closed. Staff and teachers were working from home. This forced schools to adopt new methods of accepting payments from parents. School administrators addressed the issue by turning to digital payment providers for assistance migrating financial operations from in-person to online.

Your School and Payments

If your school seems behind the times with accepting digital payments or you see opportunities within your school to pay with a credit card, let us know at Aurora Payments by calling us at 833-287-6722. We will help your school implement convenient options that parents will love.