Clover Point Of Sale: A Great Management Solution For Merchants

All merchants have a Point-of-Sale, also known your POS. Whether that means a simple cash register, a cash box or a simple drawer where daily receipts and related paperwork are held throughout the business day. While your point of sale might be simplistic, a robust POS system can help you manage, control and even grow your business.

Aurora Payments is proud to provide our merchants with the leading POS system on the market. The Clover Point of Sale system offers great pricing with numerous hardware options that allow us to tailor your Point-of-sale system to your unique needs.

Clover offers a reliable and affordable choice for restaurants, retail outlets and even professional service providers. With easy-to-use customizable features, no matter what your business is, Clover makes doing business easy for you and your customers while providing you with huge amounts of data about inventory control, customer spending habits, peak business times and much more.

For those who don’t currently have a POS system or seek to upgrade to Clover, we’ll share some basic information. Clover systems are a combination of software and hardware – although you can implement Clover without hardware. Aurora Payments can help you choose the right hardware for your business. Restaurant servers can beam food orders right from the table to the kitchen using a tablet. Or you can set-up a server station where all servers use a single terminal. Incoming orders from Uber Eats or Grubhub can be sent directly to the kitchen printer freeing up your staff from manually accepting food delivery orders.

Clover includes reporting tools that allow you to track revenue, see your busiest times, see your best-selling items, get aggregated sales across multiple locations in real-time, produce end-of-day reports that track total sales by employee and so much more. Aurora Payments can help you set up your own customized logo gift card program and Clover can accept gift cards as payment, just like a credit card. If you are using Quickbooks, don’t worry as Clover integrates and shares data with Quickbooks.

Clover can help manage your inventory by alerting you to low stock items. Reports let you know what products are moving the fastest and which products you might want to ditch. You determine which employees have access to what information through unique logins that allow you to also monitor employee performance. Clover can even help you manage employee scheduling and payroll. Clover truly is the most comprehensive management tool on the market. Watch your profit increase with Clover. Eliminate extra work and stress in your life through Clover’s comprehensive features.

For more information about implementing Clover in your business, give us a call today at Aurora Payments. Our number is 833-287-6722.