Aurora Payments Exclusive Payments Partner Of Arizona Small Business Association

Leading payments provider partners with Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA).

Tempe, AZ, November 5, 2020 – Aurora Payments, a leading payments technology and software provider, partners with Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) as their exclusive payments provider. Aurora continues to drive forward with strategic advancements in technology which impacts specific industries and the payments industry overall.

ASBA, one of the largest associations in the Arizona, helps small businesses attain the startup resources they need as well as guidance to sustainability and growth. “Our members rely on us for trusted business relationships and Aurora is a local company with a track record of supporting small businesses in Arizona. We are looking forward to the value the partnership with Aurora will bring to our members,” said Jess Roman, CEO from ASBA.

Aurora’s mission is to enable all businesses in Arizona to process their payments in the most effective, efficient, and secure way possible. The partnership with ASBA is a multi-pronged initiative to strengthen small businesses in targeted communities through business expertise, leading digital payment solutions such as point of sale systems, online/e-commerce processing, and community engagement. 

“Our headquarters is located in Tempe, Arizona and partnering with ASBA is instrumental for us to support our local businesses and communities,” stated Brian Goudie, CEO of Aurora, “Business owners are facing tough and unprecedented times. At Aurora, we want to be there to help in any way that we can. Whether that means enabling your business to run online transactions, keeping your employees and customers safe with contactless and smart point-of-sale devices, or helping to eliminate card processing expenses through Aurora’s proprietary cash discount program, we’re here for you, your employees, and your business.”

As the exclusive payments’ provider for members of ASBA, Aurora will continue to support local Arizona businesses of all types and sizes. The partnership program will offer all ASBA members exclusive benefits such as free equipment, and price reduction guarantees, without any contractual obligations. More will be available through the member resources on the ASBA website.

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About Aurora

Aurora Payments is a leading payment services and solutions organization headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, with 26,000 merchants and $10 billion in annual processing.  Aurora has multiple bank sponsorships and lenders Prudential Capital and Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending Group, L.P. who has been a lender since 2015. Aurora offers a variety of best-in-class technology platforms and payment solutions supported by on-site underwriting and technical support experts that make up an all-in-one ecosystem to meet the needs for all payment mode acceptance, thriving revenue streams, and capital opportunities. One ecosystem. One agreement. One partner. One Aurora.  For more information please visit

About Arizona Small Business Association

The Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) was founded in 1973 and serves as the collective voice of small businesses in Arizona by driving a better environment for all of us to do business. Today, ASBA is focused on delivering statewide education, mentoring, networking, and advocacy programs, providing innovative entrepreneurs with the resources necessary to grow and evolve in an ever-changing marketplace. For more information please visit