Aurora Payments Announces RiseUp: A Tech Demo Day

Submissions will be accepted until June 16th, 2021

Years ago, when I was just starting out in FinTech, I’d have to spend weeks or even months trying to get in front of a “big company” to pitch why I had a better solution for a problem they had. I knew I could be helpful if I only had the chance. Often, I had about 30sec to hook them in, and then if my “elevator pitch” was compelling enough, I got to a longer meeting where I could make my case. With the explosion of FinTech companies today, and still a relatively limited number of players, its even harder to get that one meeting that could be the breakout for a company. When I joined Aurora earlier this year, it gave me an opportunity to change that. We’re calling it Rise Up.

As our domain name implies, Aurora’s ethos is to rise together. If you’ve got a compelling technology and think you can add to our explosive growth, we want to hear about it! It’s not about “who you know” or “who your existing clients are” for this pitch, but rather “How good is what you have?”

We’ll set a 20min session, and you’ll have the chance to pitch Aurora leadership on how we can integrate your solution to help us both grow. No bones about it, you’ll be in front of the decision makers for Aurora’s technology and business for an uninterrupted meeting.

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out the form below and tell us a little bit about your company and solution.
  • We’ll then work with you to set a time where we can meet with you virtually for 20min or so and you’ll be able to drive the conversation.
  • We’ll ask questions and get a better understanding of how we could work together.

It won’t work out for everyone, but our executive team is well connected enough that we can possibly make some introductions for you to others in the space that we think may have a use for your solution.

The first Rise Up will be on June 23rd. Submissions are due by June 16th and we’ll set a time and host the meeting. After that, you’re in the driver’s seat for a meeting with some of the most respected people in the payments industry. Are we your next big client, or your first?