Aurora Announces Integration And Partnership With IRIS CRM

Tempe, AZ, June 11, 2020 – Aurora, a leading full-service provider (FSP) in the payments industry, partners with IRIS CRM. Aurora continues to drive forward with strategic advancements in technology which impacts specific industries and the payments industry overall.

IRIS CRM, a cloud-based platform, is a complete management system for merchant services such as tracking leads, ticketing, residual calculations, transaction reporting, and more. “It just made sense for Aurora to partner with IRIS,” said Derek Maxwell, VP of Technology at Aurora, “Technology is what helps our clients to do business more efficiently and we are constantly seeking out ways to support them and advance the payments industry with new technology.”

A partnership between Aurora and IRIS CRM means there will be a bridge between legacy and disparate systems. “It has been our passion at IRIS to help ISOs to improve their operational efficiency,” Dimitri Akhrin, President of IRIS CRM, explained, “We are excited to partner with a team that shares this goal and continues to widen their footprint in advanced payments technology.”

“At Aurora, we have just started to scratch the surface of developing the software and platforms that are needed for our clients” stated Brian Goudie, CEO of Aurora, “It’s our plan to continue to assess cutting-edge innovations that will not only help our industry but will help our merchants and partners across all industries that Aurora Payments supports.”

IRIS CRM is now available through Aurora. For more information contact or visit the Aurora website or the IRIS CRM website.

About Aurora

Aurora Payments is a leading payment services and solutions organization headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, with 26,000 merchants and $10 billion in annual processing. As a financial service provider (FSP), Aurora has multiple bank sponsorships and lenders Prudential Capital and Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending Group, L.P. who has been a lender since 2015. Aurora offers a variety of best-in-class technology platforms and payment solutions supported by on-site underwriting and technical support experts that make up an all-in-one ecosystem to meet the needs for all payment mode acceptance, thriving revenue streams, and capital opportunities. One ecosystem. One agreement. One partner. One Aurora.  For more information please visit


IRIS CRM’s mission and purpose is to provide world-class software not only for the benefit of owners and operators of ISOs to revitalize and improve their own effectiveness, but also for the benefit of the whole payments industry by improving the infrastructure through which merchants are serviced.

IRIS CRM is a complete merchant services management solution. With an end-to-end sales, customer support, and residuals management solution, you can manage your entire payments business through the same platform. IRIS CRM eliminates the need to invest in multiple systems to manage different functions and provides you with maximum insight into your efforts.